Monday, April 28, 2014

All Things Rome- Sephora

One of the great things about planning our trip to Italy was knowing there are three Sephora locations in Rome! Unfortunately, Munich and possibly the rest of Germany does not have a Sephora store. Here in Munich, the closest resemblance to the black and white striped makeup mecca is a similar store called Douglas...and that is about all I know of that place. The name.

Shopping under the bright lights and within the floraly scents of Sephora just feels more at home. (Same goes for when I make an Ikea trip) Every Sephora store looks almost exactly the same inside across the oceans, I know the products, and it is uncomplicated.

Sometimes living in a different country can be a bit stressful when researching or buying products of the unknown. Let's face it, buying makeup in English is a whole lot easier than reading and translating the German labels. For almost a year now I have been interested in replacing my mineral foundation. Not wanting to hassle with figuring out the best brands in Deutschland, I have just been procrastinating. I know I could have ordered online or even made a purchase when we were in Texas over Christmas, but...things like cuddling with newborn nieces and Mexican food can be distracting. <3

As you can tell, finding Sephora in Rome, Italy became a "tourist" attraction for me. I just HAD to stop by one of the locations and Husband won HUGE points for helping me track down the closest Sephora to our hotel. What a guy in the midst of Roman ruins and artistic masterpieces to agree to such a detour!

A little bit late, I know, I have finally jumped on the Bare Minerals bandwagon. It has been a fun week playing with my new makeup and I'm never going back. The difference in Bare Minerals and my old mineral makeup is noticeable in the application, how it feels (or hardly feels), and the coloring is just perfect.

When in Rome,


  1. Hey Maren, just for your info, in Prague is one Sephora right at the main train station. Easy to find! ;-)

  2. Thanks Cut and Tear! Prague is on our list of places to visit during 2014. I might have to restock some foundation while there!


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