Tuesday, April 29, 2014

All Things Rome- The Ladies' Room

If potty talk is not your cup of tea, then you might want to skip out on this entry because I'm about to discuss in All Things Rome, the bathroom situations.

I want to address toilets. Specifically the toilet conditions found in Rome. In a city so full of reminisces of Roman Gods, you would think there would be a better kept "Porcelain God" but there is not.

Every toilet in Rome is the same; too thin on top, wet rims, soaked floors, and no toilet paper to be had. And why, oh why, are all the seats unattached? Each and every time I visited a bathroom stall, I clearly saw two empty holes at the back end of the toilet top where a seat could and SHOULD be attached to the rim. 

Jokingly, or maybe not, Husband and I theorized that the establishments in Rome do not want you to "linger" any longer than necessary. Almost a "Take care of your business at home" attitude. 

The lack of seats forces an intense squatting on each potty visit. Thankful for a four story workplace with constant moving upstairs and down, my legs have some muscle tone. Still not quite enough that I feared an accidental "peed my pants" episode with each torturous squat.

This brings me to the wet rims and gross enough, the soaked floors. When given a seat, some women sit and some prefer the peeing squat. If the toilets had seats, wouldn't there be less pee on the rim as the sitting position is almost 100% aim accurate? Wouldn't the floors become a bit drier with less unpracticed squators? To add to the already tough situation of squat peeing, avoiding pools of urine while wearing canvas shoes and a tad-bit-too-long straight leg jeans takes it to a whole other level. 

Lastly, in the Land of Bidets, toilet paper is STILL and always will be a necessity. Where is your toilet paper, Rome? Luckily, well not for him, Husband had a cold in Rome so I was carrying tissues in my bag. After lunch I had to restock my purse taking my napkin and four paper towels for later "just in case" use. Only four years of Girl Scouts, and I was prepared. 

So ladies, just remember...When in Rome, stash away some toilet paper. 

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