Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ikea Trivet Corkboards

This is such an old project that I wasn't even sure if I had already blogged about it. I did not come up with the idea but it is a project I found on Pinterest 45 weeks ago! Here is my turn at the "Do It Yourself" Ikea Trivet Corkboard:
3 Corkboards Centered

-3 round cork trivets
-12"x12" fabric squares
-Hot glue 
Can't believe how "clean" my glue gun used to look!

These are the three coordinating fabrics I chose. Fabric can be pretty expensive in Munich so I only bought 3 small sections. Over the weekend my friends and I found another fabric store in Munich called Stoffzirkus. We only looked through the windows but I could see quite an eccentric collection of brightly colored fabrics. I hope to check it out soon and maybe get started on some new summer pillows!

 1. Lay the trivet down on the backside of one of the fabric squares. I eyeballed and traced a perimeter all around the trivet leaving about a 1 inch border.

2. Cut along the traced perimeter using fabric scissors. Keep your trivet centered on the fabric circle. Squeeze a small line of hot glue on the top of the trivet close to the edge. Fold over the fabric. Continue working around the trivet being careful to keep the fabric pulled tight as you go. The fabric will overlap a bit on the backside. 

3. For a more finished look you can cut the same size circle out of felt to adhere to the backside for a more "clean" look. I am lazy and did not find this step necessary. The cork still shows on the back of my trivets. Sorry beige wall.

The trivets are on the wall above our desk. We could use pushpins to keep reminders and mementos at eye level. However, I'm not sure if I will actually use the cork trivets as a bulletin board because I really like the way they add color to our neutral wall space. Used as a bulletin board or just as decor, this was an easy project and another Pinterest success!

How To Hang:
Originally I tried hanging my trivets on the wall using duck tape. They quickly fell down and remained off the wall for the past 10 months. (I'm not kidding) Finally this week I got around to using a tiny bit of hot glue on the back of the trivet and resticking them to the wall. Husband wasn't too thrilled about this but I'm not too worried. 

Make Trivets Beautiful,

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