Friday, May 2, 2014

Five On Friday

It is 10:15 p.m. here in Munich so naturally I would start a blog post. Here's why... For the past few weeks I have enjoyed reading other people's tad bits of random things in the "Five on Friday" so this week I decided to join in on the fun, linking up through Darci's blog "The Good Life"

At the beginning of the week I could not put down my latest read The Daughter of Siena by Marina Fiorato. The historically accurate fiction novel takes place in Siena, Italy during the Medici era. Today the city of Siena continues to hold it's famous horse race twice a year in which the story is based around. I cannot wait to read next The Glassblower of Murano also by Fiorato.

Thursday was May Day and a public holiday for all Bavarians. I stayed at home all day and did some online shopping for a friend's new baby boy. Does anyone else find it hard not being able to touch the items when buying items off of a website? I was not impressed with Gymboree's selection and settled on Carter's for easy mix and match sets.

Last week Husband and I were in Italy for an Easter vacation. We picked up some massive lemons. Two nights in a row Husband cooked a lemon cream sauce with tortellini and salmon. It definitely compared to the lemon cream sauce I had on our trip. How often is a meal so good, you make it twice in a week?

Each Friday I teach four baking classes in English. This week I did not have a theme planned so I pulled out one of my favorite recipes. Regretfully, it somehow had been over a year since I last baked The Best Banana Muffins Ever! I had been thinking about these delicious muffins for the last few weeks so it was the perfect solution. These would be a delicious breakfast treat this weekend!

*Sorry- the muffins did not last long enough for a photo.

In these parts of Germany it is customary to take off your shoes when entering a home and even in some work places. House shoes are worn inside and do the same thing as regular shoes but without the traces of nature left behind. My last pair of house shoes were purchased in September so they were quite old, cracked on the bottoms, and unable to maintain any sort of "fresh" feeling. Today I finally bought new house shoes. I found neon green espadrilles and couldn't resist these cute shoes for summertime.

Happy Weekend to All, and to All Goodnight,

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