Monday, May 5, 2014

Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue

I'm not discussing anything wedding related today. Nope. Instead, I thought I would share with you a few of my favorite things. Each item happens to either be old, new, borrowed, blue or a combo of those descriptions.

Something Old:
Around a year ago Husband and I went for our first time to a vintage market called Auer Dult here in Munich. An item that caught my eye was an old German hotel hanger. For some reason I kept walking, didn't purchase the hanger, but kept thinking about it. Well Saturday, Husband and I went back to Auer Dult. We walked every single aisle looking in all of the antique booths and I kept my eye out for the vintage hanger I saw over a year ago. You know when people joke and say "It was in the last place I looked"? Well, one of the last few remaining booths at the end of our "route" had a box of old vintage hangers stuffed in a box under a table. 

Upon seeing the box of hangers, I thought "Be cool. Be cool. Don't show too much excitement..." So as casually as possible, in my best Deutsch, I asked the lady how much. She responded 3 hangers for 5 Euros and I had to ask again just to make sure I had heard her right. Can you believe I have been thinking about a less than 2 Euro hanger for a year now?! Now the 3 hangers are displayed in our entryway with the jacket hooks.

Something New:
While staying on the Amalfi Coast, Husband and I took a day trip to a nearby town called Positano, Italy. There we walked the colorful streets, shopping and making our way down the cliff-side town to the beach. Along the way we stopped inside a bright shop that was just screaming my name. Hanging on the door frame at the front of the shop were ruffled aprons, oven mitts, and the cutest quilted kitchen towels my eyes have ever seen. Some people have a couture purse buying habit, I, on the other hand, am a sucker for pillows and kitchen towels. 

I picked out a kitchen towel with a turquoise edge and two quilted oven mitts. Unfortunately, Husband tried using the oven mitts last night and he told me the pivot from the oven to the counter took too much time. (literally a 10 second movement) He felt the hot dish between his hands and said it would be way too much heat for me. Now the oven mitts are hanging on hooks as new decoration for the kitchen.

Something Borrowed:
This really isn't borrowed because it belongs to Husband but what is his is mine, right? hehehe. This week I bought Husband two egg cups. I do not eat eggs unless baked with sugar and flour so these really are for Husband. In the mornings, lately, he has been boiling himself eggs for breakfast. The eggs are too hot to crack between his fingers so the egg cups will be helpful. I found them at a store called Butler's here in Munich. 

Along with the egg cups, I bought two cappuccino mugs and saucers. They happen to be the exact same color as our Crate and Barrel cereal bowls we received as a wedding present nearly two years ago. Husband always uses the cobalt blue because green apple is my favorite color. It is the little silly things that can make relationships so fun! 

Something Blue:
Well green really. Before finding the vintage hangers Saturday at Auer Dult, I picked my way through a basket of old linens. My mom is constantly hunting down beautiful linens at flea markets and antique stores claiming the embroidery is going to become a lost art. I think in such a digital age she may be partly true as the years are passing. Anyways, when I saw these napkins I fell in love with the cheerful colors. Have you noticed how much I love bright colors?! 

I am not sure how old the napkins are and they could be fairly "new" but they are still handmade. When the seller showed me the place where the flatware slips through the center flower, I was sold. Each napkin was just 2 Euros a piece so I bought 4 and left a dodgy looking fifth one behind. I think these napkins will be adorable and fitting during springtime tea parties or luncheons. 

These old, new, borrowed, and blue items might not be raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens but I hope you enjoyed looking at a few of my favorite things! Which item do you like best? Any suggestions on antiques I should be looking for while living in Europe?

May Your Week Be Blessed,


  1. Maren, I love your style. Adorable and fun!

  2. Thanks so much Amanda! It's fun budget decorating.


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