Tuesday, May 6, 2014

On My Nightstand

A day late and a euro short, I'm linking up with Andrea at Momfessionals to show you what is on my nightstand.  I thought this would be a fun link up because it is so random! I have never thought about what other people's nightstands look like but now I am curious. 

Welcome to my side of the bed!
 Currently on my nightstand you will find:
-Ikea Lamp (and a hanging dog hair)
-Two bird journals (Husband says we live in an aviary)
-Vintage candy dish
-Lip Gloss
-And the ever evil, much dreaded, alarm clock

I bought the vintage glass candy dish at a flea market here in Munich for 1 Euro! It is the perfect size to collect at the end of the day earrings, forgotten bobby pins, and obviously my lip gloss. My lip gloss is cherry flavored Baby Lips by Maybelline. For the longest time I used just plain Vaseline at night but Husband hated the taste ;-) and requested I find something fruity. The thermometer has been on my nightstand since a few days before Easter when I came down with a 24 hour bug. Yuck.

When I originally bought the lamp from Ikea, I intended to spruce it up somehow to make it look less Ikeaish. It has been about a year now, and the lamp is still plain Jane. What do you think of the lamp? Do you have any ideas of how I can make it more exciting? 

My actual nightstand is the Rask dresser from Ikea. I bought it used for around 20 Euros when we first moved to Germany. Husband stained the outside and I refinished the drawers. Inside the drawers are painted green apple and the bottoms lined with bright coordinating scrapbook paper. You can read all about the DIY process here

In other news, today is Shelby Dog's 4th birthday. I love to tell people that she was born on Seis de Mayo! Someday, I want to throw her a backyard birthday party and invite over our friends and their pups. Husband loves to BBQ, we could sit out on the patio, and let all the dogs run around together in the yard. How fun would that be?

Shelby Enjoying a Birthday Treat

Happy Seis de Mayo,


  1. Love that candy dish!!! What a find! Thanks so much for linking up!!!

  2. I love the idea of a tray on the nightstand. It's super cute!


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