Friday, May 16, 2014

Five on Friday

I have a confession. This is my Five on Friday from last week. Last Friday I had a late work meeting and dinner plans shortly after so I never got around to posting!
Husband was out of town so I took care of my new found girl time with a little bit of retail therapy. I bought a new dress, rust colored tank top, black leggings, and lemon lime colored Capri leggings. I was worried about the lemon lime color being too "out there" for me but when I tried them on with this dress, the outfit looks fantastic!

Worn out from work and business travel, Husband and I lived up to the American stereotype with McDonald's for dinner. I always feel a bit comical speaking English with my Texas accent surrounded by
people ordering Happy Meals in Deutsch.
Anyone else STILL order a Happy Meal?

I officially became a regular at my commuter coffee stand. I love when the employees say your order as a question, "kaffeemilch mitnehmen?" They know me oh so well.
Check out my Mojito by Essie nails for Cinco de Mayo!

At school we baked 6 dozen mini blueberry muffins for Mother's Day. (Germany celebrates moms this Sunday) We used them as centerpieces during a Mother's Day breakfast. Eh. Who cares now? Let's look at my new haircut instead! Husband just said "Oh wow, she cut a lot off." Goodbye dead winter hair!
Too bad every day since then has been humid and wet! Pony tail?

"April showers bring May flowers" or "April flowers bring May showers"? I am hoping for a warm weekend full of sunny days! (two weeks now of rain, rain, and more rain with scattered sunshine in between)
Seriously, enough rain already!

Happy Weekend,

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