Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Step Inside My Teeny, Tiny, German Kitchen

We came together at the beginning of October 2012. Ever since then we have had a continuous love-hate relationship. No, not Husband and I... rather my teeny, tiny, German kitchen and myself.

On some days I call it Charming, at other times I scream "This is a one butt kitchen!" or another reoccurring line "I need MORE counter space!" We definitely are NOT in Texas anymore...

When Husband and I moved into our apartment our landlord put in a brand new kitchen. (Although I was up for making the previous orange cabinets "work"...ha!) In Germany, most apartments DO NOT come with kitchens. It is quite common for renters to supply their own cabinets, counters and appliances. Husband and I did not want to fork out 3,000 Euros (or more) for a new kitchen so we only searched for apartments with pre-existing kitchens. Lucked out we did!  

I picked up this vintage flour sack in a dusty backroom of an antique shop on some back country roads of Indiana back in 2010. Unfortunately, the sun has faded the print due to it's location. (Bad Maren, Bad) I never have gotten around to properly matting the print. The knives were a Christmas present from Husband during our first year together. I am not-so-secretly hoping to "upgrade" to some German-made J.A. Henckels during our time in Munich. (hint hint*)
I love the view I have while baking!

My pride and joy is my green apple (told you it was my favorite color) Kitchen Aide mixer. It was a 25th birthday gift back in the heyday. The African Violets were Valentine's Day flowers from Husband back in 2013. (The gift that keeps on giving!) My Texas flag ornament is a sweet gift from my amazing brother and his girlfriend.

It's a miracle... No dishes in the sink! Husband and I have an on going debate on whether dirty dishes belong in the sink or on the side counter. So sad, our super cool, uber heavy duty, black metal American to European power adapter did not make it into this photo! Shucks. For those wondering...we shipped most of our American appliances here to Munich. The only thing that is not use-able is our pancake griddle. Boo!!!!

Anyone else a soap snob? I think I got this from my mom... we both love "special" soap. I am actually excited that this bottle is almost empty because that means I get to buy something new! *sigh* Did I just let on how nerdy my nerdiness can be?

*Floral Bowl- Kirklands (Teacher gift)
*Bluebird- Ross $10
*Candy Jar- Pier 1 (Birthday gift)
*Cookbooks- LOVE Barefoot Contessa
*Milk Glass Bowl- Leftover Wedding Centerpiece

I absolutely HATE our spice cabinet. Everything constantly gets pushed to the back corner and then I "lose" items. I have casually looked at other spice storage items via Ikea but I cannot find a good solution. Did you notice our Salt Lick rub? God Bless Texas!

-Kirklands Serving Bowls
-Wine, Martini, and Beer Glasses
-White Dishes from Kohls
-Cereal Bowls from Crate & Barrel
-Oven Dishes from France
-Plastic Dip Dishes (teacher gift)
-Snack Bowls Crate & Barrel
-Clear Glasses from Macys

Did you read about my dish towel and ruffled apron in My Favorite Things post? If you are a fan of Trader Joe's, the reusable grocery bag is theirs! 

You REALLY wanted to see inside our dishwasher, right?! I just wanted to show you two things; 1. Our American dishes are too big for German dishwashers!

2. Check out my BRAND NEW bright colored dishes! I bought them this week at Butler's. Oh AND the green apple colander I bought from Ross WAY before I even had a place of my own.

I haven't taken any recent photos of our dining space but this photo is from Easter. Our table was bought second hand for 40 Euros but originally comes from Ikea. My favorite part is the table runner bought from Pier 1 and the milk glass cake stand. (It's actually a fruit bowl with a plate on top here)

Thank you so much for stopping by and coming into my teeny, tiny, German kitchen. I am linking up with Andrea today over at Momfessionals and will be back next month to show you our outdoor space.

For nostalgic times, here is a picture of our kitchen back in Texas:
I loved my giant jars of flour and sugar. Oh...counter space how I miss you! These cabinets are getting a white wash when we move back.

Recognize the flour print and potato sack? We will probably DIY a farmhouse table when we return. Someday, I want to put up some vintage linen cafe curtains. 

Whatcha Got Cookin',


  1. It is so fun getting to see the differences between Germany and here! Crazy that the dishwasher is so much smaller!

  2. too funny that American plates don't fit in the dishwasher! Cute space!

  3. There is only two of us and we have to run our dishwasher just about every day because it is so small!

  4. Great post...thank you for sharing your Germany kitchen and your Texas kitchen! You may have a smaller kitchen in Germany but it full of great character :)

    1. Thank you! It really is a love-hate relationship!

  5. I love the color of your mixer! And that view! Gorgeous!

  6. Lime soap??? WOW! I want one too! ;-)

  7. Your kitchen is super cute! And I love the windows! Sad the plates don't fit in the dishwasher though :(

  8. I loved seeing your German kitchen. We are Texans living as expats in England (but moving back home this summer.) It was quite an adjustment to have such a small refrigerator here, and a kitchen cabinet as a pantry. I also loved seeing your dog in another post. She looks just like our much-loved dog that we had for 15 years. I look forward to following your European adventures on your blog!


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