Monday, May 19, 2014

Too Routine

There could be a problem when you suddenly refer to your coffee table as the dining table.  Umm...wait a second. That can't be right. Unless the coffee table is now the dining table and the dining table is now a craft table??? (true story)

Husband and I are quite comfortable in a routine right now. A little too comfortable. Each evening one of us walks the dog, the other cooks dinner, then together we sit down to eat, on the couch, in front of the television. Gulp* This is super embarrassing to admit but it is an honest look at our lives right now. 

Here are a few of my observations:
1. You might have a problem when you have to clear last night's dishes off of your coffee table before you can put down tonight's dinner.
2. Once my pockets hit that couch cushion, I might as well throw all chance of productivity out the window.
3. Two hours of television can really speed up time and leave you wondering "What did I do with all of my free time?'

In realizing our problem, Husband and I have decided to experiment this week in keeping the television turned off. We have pulled the plug! 

I am hoping to achieve:
1. More "me" time
2. A cleaner house
3. Giving Husband and Shelby Dog the attention they deserve!

In other, better, more EXCITING news...I am currently in the middle of a BIG project. Look for the project reveal on a "Made it Monday" post come mid June!

Hoping for More Beautiful Evenings,


  1. What are your TV options like? When we were in Germany, we had AFN (Armed Forces Network). The nice thing about it is you get to watch shows from back home. The bad thing was that it was less than 10 channels. That helped break us of our tv habit. When we moved back Stateside, we skipped buying cable and only watch downloads, movies, or Netflix. We still watch plenty of tv, but the mindless stuff doesn't happen so much any more.

  2. I was wondering why we were unable to meet for a coffee lately... shame on you! Keep the telly unpugged! ;-) I am so curious about your project!!!


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