Monday, September 22, 2014

Back to Blogging

Well friends, I am back. Sorry I didn't tell you I was going to take a break from blogging...but one day became the next and well you know how that goes. The end of the school year was crazy busy and then suddenly it was summer break.

Feeling Appreciated

I decided to take a few weeks to myself to reorganize our lives, lunch with the ladies, travel, hibernate, engage in a Band of Brothers marathon, and get mentally prepared for my 8th year of teaching!

"Momma put my toys away"

Now the house is back in order, I'm on top of the chores, the wedding albums are started (from 2012, ahem*) and the first week of school went off successfully! 
A Favorite of my Dad

Here are some highlights from Summer Break 2014:

Traditional Ice Cream Photo

Husband and I spent one-way-too-short-of-a-week visiting my family in Denmark. We were so sad to leave and had a fantastic visit. 

 Traditional Farm Photo

I feel very fortunate to have contact with my extended family. I'm already looking forward to our next visit...whenever that may be!
Champagne, France

Husband and I took a road trip through the northern part of France. It was AMAZING! Better than last year's near disaster of a trip to Paris. This is us standing in the middle of Champagne two weeks before the grape harvest!

Normandy, France

A lot of rough headlines have been running through the media lately but standing on this beach made me proud to be an American. We watched the sun rise above Utah Beach along the coast in Normandy. It was an experience of a lifetime and a moment I hope to never forget. 

Thank you everyone for your interest in what Husband and I are up to this side of the world. It is a pleasure to share our stories with you and it is great to be back!

Happy Monday,


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