Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Wiz Kid

This afternoon on my commute home something happened to me...

Riding my bicycle, light breeze blowing through my hair, soaking in the beautifully sunny fall day, the biggest concern I had was whether or not there was enough Diet Coke chilling in my fridge. Living in the moment and enjoying the bike ride, a smile spread across my face when I saw an adorable boy walking towards me dressed in full wizard attire.

A dark towel hung down the backside of his neck. He held two wands, made from sticks, one in each hand. All I could think was "How cute is this little boy?!" "It's refreshing and rare to see a child engaged in imaginary play out in public."

Then... it happened.

Right as these wonderful thoughts filled my mind, eyes sparkling at the sight of his innocence, he cast a spell on me. 

Only it was such a big clash of a spell that the wand flew out of his tiny hand. I saw it coming from afar, twirling about in the crisp autumn air. My feet kept on peddling, my arms clenched to control the weeble- wobble of the bike frame, all while my face and shoulder met each other in some form of defense from the inevitable. 

That little wizard hit me with his wand. I couldn't believe that on my first wizard sighting I had been struck in the arm. My instinctive teacher look quickly softened when as I whizzed passed him I heard him exclaim "Excuse me." 

Home safely and still with two functioning eyes, now all I have to ponder is "What type of spell did he cast?"

Has your Wednesday had any beautiful life moments?
Shelby Dog Enjoying the Outdoors

Thanks Aunt Nicci!

Happy Bergfest Day,

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