Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Let's Talk Tuesday

The plan for today's post was supposed to be a review of the places Husband and I stayed while road tripping through France, but it's still not ready. (As in I haven't started) Then I racked my brain for Plan B and all the ramblings came together as just that, Plan B.

It's all a bit random but this is what made up my Tuesday:

1. Sriracha Scharfe Chilisauce

Move over Ranch, Sriracha's the new sheriff in town. I'm not sure if this is a southern thing or a college thing... but somewhere in the last decade I started dipping my pizza slices into ranch dressing. Then a few months ago, over a hot bowl of Vietnamese Pho, I fell in love with this squeezable bottle. Is it horrible that most days in my house you can find the bottle of Sriracha nestled between the two remote controls on the coffee table? Now I've taken to dipping my pizza into Sriracha, like as I type this...my taste buds are doing the hot and spicy dance. 

2. Getting Geared Up for Oktoberfest

Munich is 10 days into the world famous Oktoberfest and we STILL haven't gone. Husband and I are planning to visit Thursday and over the weekend. This will be our third year to attend but our first visit in true Bavarian lederhosen and dirndl. (pictures to come, I promise!) Today I went shopping for my dirndl's finishing touches. I bought a "shirt" (can you even call it a shirt?) to go under my dress. Wow, what a squeeze....

3. Life as a Kindergarten Teacher 

Today the kiddos painted an apple tree for each of the four seasons. I thought I was safe wearing black but that was far from the case. How lovely is this orange streak down my tights? It matches the splotch on my dress and compliments the yellow smudge on my cardigan. Dressing nice? I tried.

4. Shelby and the Gang 

Husband is out of town again but thankfully is on his way home as I speak. When the master's away, the dogs will play! Somehow I managed to get four dogs to sit still for a photo. Granted two are stuffed, one made of wax, but the fourth one is so obedient, sitting at attention! 

5. Selfie with Shelby 

Shelby's winter fur is coming in and I love it! It gets extremely thick around her neck and sticks out like a husky. When Husband's away, Shelby does a great job keeping me company. We spend the days playing chase, catching stuffed animals, and running around in circles so fast the rugs get rearranged. It can get a bit wild around here...

How has Tuesday been for you? Are you ready for October 1st?!

Make Tuesdays Beautiful,

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