Wednesday, October 1, 2014

What I Wore Wednesday: Bench Fleece

Today the weather is raining, the sky is dark, and the temperature is not predicted to exceed 60 degrees Fahrenheit. I'm sitting nice and cozy all snuggled up in my new Bench fleece.

I got my very first fleece back in 2008. Late into the "everyone's wearing them" game, I know, I had always been the college sweatshirt type. When a store had a North Face sale, I snagged their standard black fleece. A bit thin, without any bells and whistles, the fleece has held up well enough over the past 6 years.
North Face at Babe's Chicken in 2009

Three years went by and then I bought my second fleece for the upcoming 5th grade camp. This time I picked out a white fleece with a few extra zipper pockets and a water resistant chest. It was about half the cost of the North Face fleece but has not held up nearly as well. It now has discolored and unpleasant fuzzies are covering what used to be pure white. Not horrible for $40 but one I can no longer wear outside the house.
Love this style of fleece!
5th Grade Camp 2011

Here in Germany, I had noticed girls wearing fleeces from Bench with built in neck wraps. Scarves are pretty much necessary all year round, give or take a couple of weeks here and there. I almost always wear a scarf and the neck wrapped fleece called my name.

 Scarf (and wool sweater) at Eagle's Nest in July 2014

Not only does the Bench fleece have a built in neck wrap, the sleeves are also extended. The ends of the sleeves can be stretched to cover the tops of my hands on cold days. A thumb hole keeps the sleeve in place and of course, my hands warmer.
Denmark Summer Vacation 2014

The Bench fleeces are listed on Amazon in around 20 different colors. Stepping out of my normal color scheme, I chose a shade of coral. It was beautiful on the website but in person, the color is even more cheerful than I imagined. I am so pleased with this happy shade of pink!
 Korsor, Denmark August 2014

As we kick off the start of October today are you ready for the cooler temps? Have you updated any of your cold weather gear this year?

Keep Cozy,


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