Thursday, October 16, 2014

Wet Carpet Vacuum

Kettle corn popcorn counts as dinner right? Whenever Husband is traveling or working late, I find myself unmotivated to cook. Cooking means I would have to wash the dirty dishes sitting in the sink...and the cycle would just continue. 

Speaking of Husband, he did something really disgusting Saturday morning. It is so gross that I thought it was worth mentioning to all my world wide readers. Alright, I know your time is short so I'll just cut to the chase, he cleaned our rugs. 

Between Shelby Dog, living without air conditioning (or in this case the air filter), and loads of cedar trees, my allergies are pretty much a constant issue here in Germany. I rarely feel "normal" anymore and I have tried all sort of home remedies. I take long steam baths with tea tree oil, drink peppermint green tea every morning, massage my sinus pressure points, and I also realized what I thought were migraines were actually sinus pressure headaches. 

The mixture of pet dandruff, dust mites, and company coming into town, was just reason enough for Husband to rent a wet carpet vacuum.  The vacuum cost us 12 Euros per day in addition to the 14 Euros required for the liquid carpet clearner. (I've seen DIY wet vac carpet cleaners on Pinterest) Even as a Do It Yourself project, you can't beat that price!

Our rugs are only about a year and a half old and we were shocked at what came out of the threads. The water turned such a dark shade of gray that Husband ran over our living room rugs two different days. It took Husband about 10 minutes to prep the vacuum and then an additional 5 minutes per rug to clean.

A week before, I threw our green entryway rug into the washing machine. Even after being washed, it still had dirt that only the wet carpet vacuum was able to pull up. Something I thought was clean turned out to be not so clean!

Besides seeing the dirty water, I just sensed that our house felt cleaner after Husband ran the wet carpet vacuum over all our rugs. The house smells better, the rugs look bright again, and I haven't had a sneezing attack this entire week. I'm just wondering why it took us so long to give carpet cleaning a try?! I think we will rent the wet carpet vacuum every couple of months to keep things as fresh as possible.

When last did you deep clean your carpets and rugs? How often should this be done?

Make Life Beautiful,

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  1. Wow! You have a great husband who will shampoo carpets. He must have been raised right :)

    Mom of Husband

    P.S. I am so glad your allergies are doing better. Thank goodness for a simple fix to reduce feeling awful.

    1. Thank you! The biggest trouble of shampooing the carpets was actually just going to the store and renting the machine. Even that wasn't too much of a hassle!


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