Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up: Auer Dult

My absolute FAVORITE festival took place over the weekend in Munich. 
Auer Dult is held three times a year in spring, summer, and fall. This was our last chance to attend Auer Dult before the next date in 2015 so I dragged Husband out of bed and off we went! 
OH yeah, Shelby Dog went too! Auer Dult is my favorite festival because it is fully dedicated to every type of kitchen gadget imaginable and rows of antique booths. My two love languages! 
People from all over Munich come out to the neighborhood Au for the festival. It is a beautiful area of town right next to the Isar River. This one man band is everywhere you want to be in Munich! 
Auer Dult is always held right on the footsteps of the Mariahilf "Maria Helps" Church. The entire block is called Mariahilfplatz and is easily accessible by tram or foot. We were lucky to have a gorgeous autumn day!

Our first stop was of course, the rows of antiques. I spent some time sorting through antique samplers, laces, and embroidery. These are in my opinion, talents that are in danger of becoming lost with such a fast paced digital world. My mom picks up pieces every so often and you really can appreciate the time someone took long ago creating these pieces. It was shocking to find samplers dated from the late 1800s in near perfect condition. I should have picked a piece up at just 20 Euros... but now I can kick myself for that.  
 The second half of the festival, Husband and I spent walking among the kitchen stalls. There were dishes offered for every style; hand-painted, porcelain, humorous, traditional, etc. Shelby begged for this doggy bag, but I distracted her with a bacon treat. 
These mugs are hand-painted and just about every name was offered. They are not too big and would be the perfect size for little hands. We looked for our niece and found her name but the slot was empty! This is the only market where I have been able to find my own name on a mug. 
Is anyone other than Jack and the Beanstalk in the market for a ginormous, tall broom? Auer Dult really does have any kitchen or house gadget you could possibly need! 
 *Sigh, just no. I have had two scrunchie sightings in Munich over the past week and neither time did it look "stylish". Then I saw this display and had a good chuckle. No....no...NO!!!
Among the rows of antiques, booths filled with goodies you didn't think you could ever need, are a plethora of food stalls. Mostly traditional German and Bavarian foods are offered.  
Apparently, this guy has good Bratwurst. At nearly 2 p.m. the line was packed! 
Husband and I ate lunch at home, but we did stop for a dessert treat! One of our favorite fair foods in Germany is called a "Baumstriezel". I believe that translates to "tree twist". 
I ordered a "Zimt" cinnamon Baumstriezel to share with Husband. 
Behind the lady in black, other employees roll the dough onto long sticks and place them in fire burning ovens. 
This is what a Baumstriezel looks like fresh out of the oven. It is nearly too hot to eat! 
The inside of a Baumstriezel is hollow since the dough was wrapped around a cylinder. It basically is a German version of a doughnut. 

Sunday was the last day of Auer Dult for 2014 and it was an event that did not want to be missed. The crowds were out and about! It seemed like just about everyone in Munich stopped by Auer Dult to enjoy the festival and gorgeous fall day. 

Here a couple of photos from a past Auer Dult visit in 2013:

Who's in the market for a giant broom?
Is your family enjoying any fall festivals in your area?

Make Sundays Beautiful, 

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