Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Nymphenburg Palace

One of the great things about having friends and family come to visit Husband and I in Munich, is that we get to become tourists again! This past Sunday we took Husband's cousin to see Nymphenburg Palace
Enjoying the changing foliage halfway through our walk!

We walked and walked and walked...all the way to the back of the park! 
To give you an idea, the main palace is centered in this photo.
 This is Husband and I in the Summer 2013 in front of the main palace.
A shot of how far back the grounds run from the edge of Nymphenburg's garden. 2013

The grounds at Nymphenburg are filled with swans, ducks, birds, and even deer! 2013

With similarities in design to Versailles in Paris, it is here at Nymphenburg that the Bavarian royal family took up summer residence for several centuries.
Standing in the main hall inside Nymphenburg. 2013

Ceiling detail inside the main hall. 2013  
There are several other buildings on the grounds at Nymphenburg. 
These are the guys in front of the hunting lodge deep in the woods. 
How ironic that it's pink?! 2013

Who has a kitchen inside a hunting lodge that looks like this?
Those tiles are beautifully hand painted! 2013

Not too often enough, but occasionally our family spends Sundays walking the grounds. 
Even Shelby Dog loves joining in on the sight seeing! Spring 2013.

This was our first visit to Nymphenburg Palace. 2013
During this visit we questioned why it had taken us so long to visit!

Sunday stroll along the canal. Spring 2013

I'm already thinking about another stroll this coming Sunday.
The leaves and weather has just been too gorgeous to not enjoy!

Happy Tuesday,


  1. Don't you just love when family comes to town?! Taking them to your favorite places and then finding new favorites. The grounds of that castle are simply gorgeous!

  2. We are hoping some company during the upcoming Christmas Markets! It is nice touring around here in the different seasons. We have a few traditional Bavarian spots and then other more trendy places we like to take people.


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