Wednesday, October 1, 2014

German Reunification Day

It is Friday! Well, my Friday at least. Tomorrow is German Reunification Day and everything will be closed. With the exception of restaurants and of course, Oktoberfest!

Husband and I are spending the day off in Salzburg, Austria. It is just a little over an hour from Munich and one of our favorite cities. It has been nearly two years since our last visit so I am excited to see Salzburg again!

The hills are alive my friends, (insert Chandler Bing's voice here) with THE sound of...MUS-ic.

Today I am wearing my new dirndl to school. All the kids will come in their lederhosen and dirndls. Awww...heart melting. We are baking apple strudel from a super easy recipe:

 After work, Husband and I are headed for Oktoberfest! Finally... :-)

Happy Thursday,

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