Sunday, October 5, 2014

What's On- Your Feet

I'm excited for today because I'm joining in on my very first "What's On..." link up party! The party is hosted by Momfessionals and this month's topic is "What's On...Your Feet".

Now guys, I will admit, I have a shoe buying problem. Probably not the kind of problem you are thinking... where I go out and buy way too many shoes and then secretly hide them from Husband. It's the complete opposite. I hardly EVER buy new shoes. 
This problem is unintentional. Between living in a cobble-stoned infested area where high heels are death and my ability to not part with larger sums of money, I just somehow over look my feet when I shop.

Today I am going to feature the Top 3 pairs of shoes most often on my feet:

1. Grey Converse:
These grey Converse are my go-to shoes no matter the season. Living without a car, (I haven't driven in 9 months!) I walk just about everywhere. I spend at least 40 minutes in my commute each day just walking. 

My grey Converse are well traveled and well loved. I also own a black pair but they are somewhere in storage back in Texas.

2. Ugg Clogs:
Similar to the Converse, I also wear these Ugg clogs just about year round. Even though these clogs are fur lined, (and Europeans look at me oddly), when the summer temperature is in the 50s, this Texas girl finds a little warmth necessary!  

Husband has begged me to get rid of these clogs. The heel on the clog and I have a Love/Hate relationship. While I love the style the heel gives to these boots, the heel is a bit dangerous on cobble-stones. When the heel hits the edge of a stone just right my ankle gives out. My ankle was swollen for a week after falling on my face during a trip to Vienna.

3. Fur Lined Winter Boots
These boots were love at first step. If I ever walk on a cloud it must feel something like walking in these boots. I bought a pair of these Ugg Knock-Offs at T.K.Maxx for 60 Euros. There is not a label inside and when I found the boots on the shelf, they were even tagless. 

I am not sure if I over-paid or got a good deal. All I know is that I can not wait to step foot inside these boots come the next couple of weeks! The snow is coming my friends...

As you can see, I am a girl who likes to be comfortable with the except of a few ankle rolls. I do own a pair of olive green snakeskin high heels I bought from Nine West years ago. I call them my "once a year heels" well... because I only wear them once a year. 

Perhaps when we return to Texas, and I'm back to driving everywhere, I will have to go on a cute shoe shopping spree. What do you think of that Husband?

Are you more of a comfortable shoe person or a no pain no gain shoe person?

Have a Great Week,

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