Wednesday, October 8, 2014

What I Wore Wednesday: Thrift Store

Two years ago I was running around between thrift stores, antique shops, and garage sales searching for white milk glass. After Husband and I got married, we celebrated in our hometown with a vintage inspired reception. We spent the months prior to our wedding gathering milk glass and old books. Hunting not only for the perfect pieces, but those marked at the right price, was such a thrill!

A couple of months ago, I stepped once again into a thrift store. Only this time it was in Munich, Germany and I was searching for a retro dirndl. Normally, I shop for new items but a dirndl can run anywhere from 100-500 Euros. Then a new dirndl might only get worn once maybe twice a year. Thinking logistically, I decided to check out all my options for purchasing an Oktoberfest dirndl.

I love the accent color!

Except at the thrift store I didn't find a dirndl that looked as I imagined. Feeling defeated, I decided to awkwardly stroll around the entire store. Is there a Hipsters for Dummies book? Then on my way to exit the shop, I passed a clearance rack by the front door. I didn't even know thrift shops had clearance racks!
Blazer in Fall

As I walked by the rack, a beige sleeve caught my eye. Pulling it out of the hodge-podge of nearly rejected shirts and sweaters, I saw it was a tan colored button down blazer. Label cut out and size unmarked, I took it over to a mirror to try it on, sure I was wasting my time.

Inspiration with Leopard!

Low and behold, the beige, figure hugging, blazer fit! A classic staple in so many women's closets, I knew this jacket would get a lot of use if it were mine. 

I thought about changing to brass buttons!

Certain something was wrong, I searched the blazer quite well, hunting for the littlest stain, tear, or hint of cigarette smoke. I couldn't find a single mishap! Would you believe I then had to dig in my purse for enough loose change to cover the 2 Euro price tag?! 

Part wool, the blazer has turned out to be pretty practical during the start of fall. I really want to pair it with a hunter green plaid scarf! I love the look of blazers, skinnies, and heels but right now high heels are just not going to happen in the Land of Cobble-Stones. 

What do you think of my 2 Euro find? Also, can someone tell me why thrift shops cut out labels? Or why do some stores mark through brand names with black marker?

Make Fall Beautiful,


  1. I am not a thrift store shopper y any means, so no help on answering your questions.. but I think you snatched up a great purchase with that blazer! Looks great on you.

  2. Thank you so much! I was a bit shocked to find it.


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