Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Recipe Club: Oven Roasted Pumpkins

There is a possibility this could be ooooold news but...I didn't know how to roast pumpkins until this year. Anyone else go 30+ years not knowing?
Back home, when a recipe called for pumpkin I just knew the right spot to pick up a can in grocery aisle. Everyone knows the famous can of Libby Pumpkin! 
Then we moved to Europe and canned pumpkin is unheard of so I had to do a bit of research. No joke. 
Now days, cans of Libby Pumpkin are left in our pantry for "special occasions", aka Thanksgiving. (You don't mess with grandma's pumpkin pie) 

During autumn, I use pure pumpkin puree in soups, breads, and cookies. Here are the basics for roasting pumpkins in the oven:
Step 3: Carefully cut pumpkin into halves or quarters.
Step 4: Scoop away the seeds. I always save these to roast later on!

Step 5: Drizzle with a dash of olive oil. I always make sure the oil is spread around the pumpkin insides using a paper towel. 

Step 7: Let cool. Please excuse my "late at night" cooling picture.

Step 8: Scrap out the flesh and discard the skin. I have heard you can actually eat the skin but I am "not quite there yet". This is about how much of the pumpkin actually gets thrown away.

When I remove the pumpkin flesh from the skin, I add it to a large mixing bowl. After I have as much pumpkin goodness as I can get, I stir the bowl. This allows the pumpkin to mash. 

Then I divide the pumpkin puree into air tight containers. I keep two cups of puree in the refrigerator for immediate use. The remaining two cups I store in the freezer. In my experience, each pumpkin has around 4 cups of puree after roasting.

I know Grandma always used canned pumpkin, so Momma used canned pumpkin, which is why I used canned pumpkin...but now seeing how easy it actually is to get pumpkin puree, I doubt I will go back to the cans.
Unless of course it's to make Grandma's Pumpkin Pie!

Have you tried making your own pumpkin puree?

Beautiful Eating,

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  1. I have never done this but it looks easy enough. I love pumpkin soup and roasted would add a lot of flavor. thanks for the lesson!

    1. Husband even used it to make a pumpkin risotto! I'll probably roast another one this weekend!

  2. This is wonderful Maren. We don't have Libby's Down Under either, but I may have had a few shipped over. :)
    The first time I made pumpkin bread though I spent quite some time cutting away the peel and softening in the microwave, your recipe looks much easier. I'll have to try that next time.


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