Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Saturday in Salzburg

"Edelweiss, Edelweiss
Every morning you greet me
Small and white, clean and bright
You look happy to meet me
Blossom of snow may you bloom and grow
Bloom and grow forever
Edelweiss, Edelweiss
Bless my homeland forever"

All week my head has been filled with The Sound of Music. I'm out of control humming at work, belting out random Julia Andrews styled singing while cooking, and listening to YouTube movie clips on repeat. It probably has something to do with where I was on Saturday...

Salzburg, Austria! 

You probably know the city Salzburg as the setting from The Sound of Music and Mozart's birthplace. My cousin once claimed Salzburg to be her most favorite place in all of Europe calling it, "magical". 

Salzburg, Austria is about one and a half hours from Munich, Germany. Husband and I took a day trip there to see the sights before winter begins. Saturday was my third visit to these musical hills. It was just as wonderful as ever.

We ate lunch in an open air market. I had a cheese infused sausage sandwich. It was soooo good I couldn't stop eating to smile for a photo. I will miss this style of "fast food" someday when we return to The States. 
Walking down a back street, my jaw dropped at the sight of this sign. Last Wednesday I wrote about my TKMaxx shopping experience describing a sweater by saying "The brand is Triumph which sounds kind of familiar and it was the best price of all, 12.99 Euros!" WELL...here's the shop! To make the story even more crazy, I'm wearing the Triumph sweater!
We were so fortunate to have gorgeous fall weather. This bright blue sky reminds me of West Texas. Another thing I love? Giving Husband the camera and finding awesome photos like this one! 
Husband and I stopped for a quick break. We walked the entire old city center but did not make any definite plans to see anything in particular. This fountain is dated 1692. So old....
This guy is super fun to travel alongside. He gets me coffee at the rest stops, is usually happy to do the famous "Find the nearest toilet" game with me, and pointed out a Nutcracker advertisement to me. I mean, come on...that basically guarantees he'll go see the ballet with me! 
This bicycle is advertising the American Heritage store. We have an American Heritage in Munich and I had no idea it was a small mom and pop chain. They offer Yankee Candles, Stonewall Kitchen, and other American styled goodies.  
We started making our was from the city center towards the castle overlooking the city. Along the way, we stopped by the horse fountain. Remember when Maria sings "I have confidence..." Yep, it came straight out of the horse's mouth.

To get a different view of the city, Husband and I climbed the massive amount of stairs up to Castle Hohensalzburg. 

We didn't go all the way up to the castle. Instead we walked along the highest path looking down at the city below. The sun was starting to set and I thought the cathedral looked beautiful basking in the fading light.  
One thing I love about this part of Europe is the evidence of faith. This crucifix is built into the side of the cliff beneath the castle. Even the smallest villages will usually have a monument set up on the outskirts of town. We enjoy pointing them out on our road trips, especially when it is out in the middle of nowhere or up in the mountains.
One of our favorite castles is Hohensalzburg. We didn't visit the castle this time because we got to Salzburg too late in the day. The castle has expanded massively through the centuries and is under constant excavation. Hohensalzburg sits above the town and is quite a hike to reach. We are about halfway between Salzburg and the castle in this photo. 
Is it weird to take photos of graveyards? I just love how well maintained the plots are kept even decades after the person has passed. This cemetery inspired the scene when the Von Trapps are hiding behind an enclosed headstone.   
Husband and I first visited Salzburg, Austria in 2011 at the end of our first European adventure. This is a picture of Hohensalzburg taken from inside Mirabell Gardens. Are you singing "Doe...a deer, a female deer"? 

The last time we were in Salzburg was in 2012 for the Christmas markets. The city center was completed decorated for the season. It was beautiful! 

I'm not too sure why our last visit to such a wonderful and close by city was nearly 2 years ago. Sometime in the spring, I want to return to Salzburg and attend a concert. Or maybe this December to see the Nutcracker? Husband?

My cousin is right. Salzburg, Austria is magical. 

Do you have memories watching The Sound of Music?
Who has visited Salzburg, Austria?
Is Salzburg on your travel list?

So Long, Farewell,


  1. Long time lurker, but I love your adventures in Europe! As a holder of a BA in German, I eat up all the German goodness in your posts and photos. I did a semester abroad in Salzburg in 2002, so it holds a special place in my heart. I miss waking up to the mountains, the Festung and the Salzach, eating Kebab(I crave these) and 1 Euro Eis! I believe Salzburg is magical too!
    Munich is also magical, I visited Munich in 1995, the summer after my sophomore year in high school and returned again in 2002. Each of your posts featuring places I've been just make me long to go back (especially Rothenburg ob der Tauber and Neuschwanstein). I've told my husband I'll agree to a BMW if we do the European delivery program so I can go back to Germany!
    Best Wishes!
    Yvonne from North Dakota
    P.S. Have you been to Cologne? The cathedral is amazing!

    1. Hi Yvonne! I'm so tickled to get your comment. I'm glad our European adventures are being enjoyed and bring back memories to you. Are you able to practice your German in The States? We are considering joining a club in Dallas just so we can continue when we move back. Cologne is on our list but we haven't made it yet. We are loosely talking about visiting Hamburg in the Spring, maybe we could drive up from Cologne. and then stop in Dresden on our way back to Munich. Thanks for lurking!

  2. My German practice has been non existent since about 2002 when I graduated! I probably comprehend more than I realize (if someone is speaking slowly) and reading it is easier, but speaking or writing may pose a bit of a problem.
    Heidelberg is also really beautiful! So is Vienna. My biggest regret when I was in Salzburg, was that I didn't travel more. I had the opportunity and the time, but I was 1.too afraid to go by myself (I have zero sense of direction) and 2. too afraid to run out of money. I should have tagged along with my globe trotting British dorm mate. Such is life!
    Thanks for the reply! I look forward to future posts (and pictures)!

    Yvonne from North Dakota


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