Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Fresh Beginnings for 2015

A week into the new year and I finally sat down and wrote out my resolutions. You won't find "procrastination" on my list of goals but maybe it should be listed! Better late than never, right?
Once I started brainstorming my Fresh Beginnings for 2015 I couldn't stop. One idea led to the next and before I knew it, I had 7 areas with goals I hope to accomplish in the following 12 months!
This year is no doubt going to be a big one for Husband and I. We are anticipating some ch-ch-changes but wherever life may lead us this year, these are the things I want to accomplish! 
When Husband and I were living in The States it was easy for us to get involved with helping the community. We adopted a family each Christmas, gave to certain organizations through our church, and as a former student council adviser, I helped put together a few service projects each school year. 
Now living in Germany, it is harder and Husband and I have dropped the ball. When my cousin nominated me back in the fall for the Ice Bucket Challenge, it really got me thinking. I want to get refocused and give back to the community.

Living abroad I feel like Husband and I have missed out on seeing the baby stages of our niece and nephew. We said goodbye to them again just a few days ago and I was so sad knowing the next time we are together they will be toddlers. 
I want to make lots of special memories with our niece and nephew as they grow up. I am blessed to have married into a close knit family and it is so fun to see Husband interact with these kiddos. 

Husband and I both work full time. We live comfortably but there are areas I feel we could be smarter with our buck. We have discussed refocusing our spending, getting back on a tighter budget, and cutting back on items not necessary.  

Here we are about a month away from my 31st birthday. I can't believe it. This year I want to visit with a dermatologist and see what things I can do better for my skin. I already stay out of the sun, wear sunblock, wash my face daily, etc. I'm mostly concerned with "Am I using the right face wash and lotions?" I'm wanting to get some advice on keeping my skin healthy. It's better to be proactive than reactive, right?! 

How can one little sentence be so much work? Our home back in Texas will get a full on paint job sometime over the summer. We are going to finally rid ourselves of the builder grade beige ceilings and switch to more neutral white walls. 

It was a goal from last year that went unaccomplished. Yikes. It's back for 2015. I've had several book ideas in the back of my mind for years now and Husband always says "Write it down!" I should have some time in the spring so hopefully I can take steps to make this dream come true.  

I have fought the idea of having to rely on social media to network but I clearly will not win this one. Just this morning, I read an article about how many users Instagram reaches v. Twitter. My brother has even hinted that it's necessary to interact with the people. So sometime in the coming weeks, I will sit down to learn the ropes that is beyond my facebook account! 

Of course I also want to ditch some pounds, tighten this, tone that, stop the sodas (Day #2 oh yeah!), travel here, travel there, cook more, walk Shelby Dog every night, and take yodeling lessons from Atz. 

Happy New Year,


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  1. These are great resolutions, Maren!
    It must be hard to live so far from your little niece and nephew!
    I too need to start getting serious about my skincare.
    Let me know when you join Instagram!

    1. Thanks Rachel! We Skype with them each Sunday so we are lucky to at least see them. I will look for you on Instagram once I set it all up!


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