Thursday, January 15, 2015

Friday Favorites: A Little Bit of Texas

Happy Friday! We have been back in Germany from our trip home for two weeks now. Since the jet lag has officially worn off, I am slowly getting back into my normal blogging routine. Which means I am sitting here at my computer, Thursday night, carbless dinner in front of me, scratching my head and wondering what in the world I can write about for this very first 2015 edition of Friday Favorites!

Let's start with a little talk about the weather:

1. Spring in January
Tuesday afternoon the weather was absolutely gorgeous! After days of wind and rain, the bright sun was a much welcomed change. The minute I walked in the door, I grabbed Shelby Dog's leash and we headed for a walk to "the big park". She ran around and I enjoyed the free feeling of not being bundled up like the Michelin Man in my overstuffed parka. 

2. Movie Star Sunglasses
The spring-like weather on Tuesday gave me the perfect excuse to wear my brand new sunglasses. I picked this pair up back in Texas. Do you ever just quickly look at an item for sale and think "Oh that'll work" and just buy them on a whim? I bought these sunglasses without looking at any other pair and I'm not even sure if I tried them on in the mirror. I look ridiculous but hey, more room to hide those emerging wrinkles. 

3. Friends that Just Know 
I have raved about my love for receiving letters before (here, here, and here) and I was tickled today to find this waiting in our mailbox. My best friend just found the most perfect card for 2015 and it had me smiling ear to ear. Don't you love when friends just know what to say?

4. See Me Rollin'

Call me old school, but I still find using curlers the easiest method for fixing my hair in the morning. I recently bought these Conair jumbo rollers on one of my last Target trips. This set is great for me because it is small enough to use with travel and has dual voltage. The curlers themselves are gigantic and leave a nice full curl with lots of body. A Texas girl has gotta have hair with volume!

5. Texas Friends
My week started out with an email full of photos from another best friend so I thought I'd end the week by sharing a few on the blog!  These are a few weeks old but I'm sharing...
On our Christmas trip back home, Husband and I were super busy seeing family and friends. It was glorious! 
Not even 24 hours back on home soil, and we were already enjoying dinner with some of my favorite people. I was madly craving hibachi grilled shrimp and ginger salad dressing so we ate Japanese at Benihana's with two of my best friends. It's funny the foods you miss when you are away from home!
After our hibachi dinner we grabbed Paciugo Gelato (I had pumpkin spice!) and headed to my friend's house for game night. We spent hours competitively wrapped up in Ellen's new phone game Heads Up! Love. That. Game.
So glad to experience this crazy adventure of life with this guy by my side. He's my #1 favorite! (cue cheesy music...)

Are you a straightener, curling iron, or curler girl?

Can someone tell me, are the 90s back?

Did you catch this week's post with the very first edition of Wellness Wednesday? I'm sharing our secrets to trying to live a healthier lifestyle. 

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Have a Fabulous Weekend Friends,


  1. I am a hot roller girl ALL. THE. WAY. I want some rollers like that!!

    1. I think rollers are a super fast way to get other things done while my hair is getting "fixed".

  2. Curling Iron!
    I remember the days of the "Perms"
    I had a banana curl perm before going off to college. I thought I was so cool! Amy Doster Svendsen gave me a huge graduation and off to college gift, and paid for me to get one. She always has the best ideas!

    1. Susan, Hello! I think I remember seeing a picture of you with a perm in a cute red college sweatshirt! Is that possible? I might have to google the term "banana curl perm"...

  3. I am super jealous you can curl your hair with rollers. My mom used to do it to my hair for dance performances as a kid, but I have never mastered the art of hair rollers without burning my fingers.
    Ever since I cut my hair short last year I have been using a hair straightener to create some waves and curls.

  4. That's look so good time there with lots of happy moments. Great! meet and greet stansted


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