Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wellness Wednesday: Living Well

Part of Wellness Wednesday is not just about eating well but also about living well. 

One of the things I struggle with is time management. My daily life consists of working full time, a two hour commute (roundtrip), household tasks, being a dog mom, corresponding, blogging, and creating material to blog about. Blogging can be a full time job in itself. Some evenings, once I get home, making it upstairs just about uses up whatever remaining energy I have. 

I have found once I start putting off a task, the domino effect takes place and things start piling up. When the To Do list gets longer and longer, I sink deeper and deeper into those couch cushions. This is how it goes until I wake up randomly one day and motivation kicks in. Then you better jump on board and help or get out of my way. Living this way and watching the items go undone just exhausts me to talk about the problem. 

Part of living well is being comfortable in our home, having a fresh mind, and starting each day anew. To keep on top of things and not dig myself into an overwhelming hole, I am now assigning myself daily tasks. 

Every Sunday night I write out the days of the week, the meal plan, which chores need to get done, and even schedule which nights I will sit at the computer to write. At the start of each morning, I glance over my daily tasks to keep myself on track. When I climb into bed at night, I once more look over the list and cross off my achievements from the day. 

Maybe this is old news to most people but I am just figuring this list thing out and it is refreshing. There is something satisfying about using my fancy pens to cross items off my list each day. I daresay it is kind of fun.
"Tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it."-Anne of Green Gables, L.M. Montgomery

Now my trick to turning this weekly list into action is all about timing. I know that the minute I sit on the couch my energy level will plummet and the chances of me getting up are very slim. If I keep moving things around the house are more likely to get done! 
This Week's List

Are you a weekly list keeper? 

Do you break chores down by day?

Friday night's dinner is still a mystery...any suggestions?!

Off to Stir the Soup Pot,

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