Sunday, January 18, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up: Castle Neuschwanstein

Happy Monday! This week I am loaded down with mid year reports and parent/teacher conferences but... I'm hoping to stay on schedule with all my blogging plans! I thought I'd start the week off with a Weekend Wrap-Up and show you one of Germany's iconic attractions. 

Sunday, Husband and I took the 1.5 hour drive west of Munich to an area just outside of F├╝ssen, Germany. Our destination? Cinderella's castle! 

Actually it's real name is Castle Neuschwanstein but it is well known for providing Walt Disney the inspiration that would later become the symbol of his dynasty. We visited a real life fairy tale castle!

One of my favorite ways to relax on the weekend is to get out of town. While we live the suburban lifestyle in a small community outside of Munich, sometimes the best place to head for some zen is not into the city but the surrounding countryside. Seeing the rolling hills and eventually the German Alps peaking up into the sky always has a way of refreshing my mind. 

When we had a downfall of snow all day on Saturday, I knew it would be the perfect opportunity to see Castle Neuschwanstein in a magical blanket of white. Since the snow did not let up all day we held off on our plans until Sunday morning. As luck would have it, the snow stuck through the night and a day trip was the only thing on our minds. 

Castle Neuschwanstein is quite a special place for Husband and I. It is where 3.5 years ago Husband proposed to me while standing on the Marienbruckle  Bridge. 
Marienbruckle Bridge with a waterfall beneath!

Husband was super sad the path to Marienbruckle Bridge was closed. 

The path to the bridge was too steep and slippery so it was blocked off from visitors.

We have visited Castle Neuschwanstein several times over the past couple of years. In spring with my best friends, summer when Husband proposed, and fall when we needed a picnic beneath the foliage.  It was only natural that I wanted to see this glorious site during the winter when snow covered the mountainsides. I am so thrilled we were able to make this happen!

It was a breathtaking view and a great excuse for a midday winter hike. We dressed warm since the temperature was right at freezing and we would spend the entire afternoon outside. The hike up to the castle is quite of an incline and there were a few snowy patches. It was about 20 minutes from the bottom of the mountain to the castle. I actually got hot, striped off my scarf and unzipped my parka for the second leg of the walk.

There were plenty of other tourists and Germans out enjoying the hike. Some opted for the horse and carriage ride but we were wanting some activity. (Did you read my first Wellness Wednesday post?)

Shelby Dog spends a lot of time at home so I wanted to take her on our road-trip adventure. The more often I can get her outside exercising and running out energy the better! She did a great job hiking up to the castle and loved burying her nose into the snowbanks. At least 4 times I spotted tourists taking her picture. 

During our coffee break, one lady got down close to Shelby and made kissing noises at her. I just cringed knowing Shelby had eaten a tiny bit of horse poo along on our hike. (Why do dogs do that?!) I politely said to the lady "Be careful. She will kiss you."

The path was a bit slushy so she was covered in mud by the end! Husband gave her a bath first thing when we got back home. It was a fantastic afternoon outing for all of us! 

Be sure to check out this for pictures and details from another castle here in Bavaria!

Is Cinderella's Castle on your travel list?

Are you a get out and hike in the snow type of person or would you rather stay home cuddled up by the fire?

Has anyone visited Neuschwanstein? What did you think?

Have a Great Week Y'all,



  1. Oh my goodness that castle is beautiful, and a gorgeous spot for a proposal.
    I am a let me get out in the snow kind of person - with the proper clothes and shoes on of course!

    1. I just bought two new pairs of wool socks today. Then I found myself looking at more brown snow boots... It's such a short time when the snow is here but I love it!


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