Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wellness Wednesday: Adios Diet Coke

Well folks, it's that time. The numbers have reached their maximum limit. Clothing labels are scared. My age is just weeks away from the description "in my 30s" and that cute little waist from 2010? It's not making an appearance on the beach anytime soon. Ugh. I can't fight it anymore, we are officially dieting watching what we eat in this house.

I did not put "watching what we eat" as a resolution for 2015 because I want this to be a lifestyle change. It should be something we do every year, all the time. To help with this change, I need accountability. Maybe an accountability partner who will keep us in check and on a healthy path? I decided the best watchful eyes are those from the readers of Mainly Maren! 
That's where "Wellness Wednesday" comes into play. This will be my place I share each Wednesday how Husband and I are doing towards our goal. The "Wellness Wednesday" edition will not only be about us "watching what we eat", but also how we are striving to live a healthy lifestyle. 

We are viewing this as an educational process and learning as we go. Some of the things we are dealing with are common sense and others require reading, researching, with "ah-ha" moments. 

My first order of business in achieving a healthier lifestyle was to eliminate sodas from my diet.

If you know me, you know I loooooove an ice cold Diet Coke. I have always known in the back of my mind that I eventually wanted to quit drinking soda. A quick Google search for aspartame and it's effects on the human body tells you why I wanted to quit. Several times I have tried to stop drinking Diet Coke and was able to go several weeks successfully but always fell back into the habit. On some days, I may have actually put down nearly a liter of soda while working around the house. And then there were the times on those lazy don't-wanna-leave-the-house Sundays that I made Husband go out and buy more Diet Coke. Yikes. 

During Christmas break, I enjoyed Diet Coke while back home in The States but I knew my last drink of Diet Coke would be on the airplane back to Germany. And so far it was. I have been soda free for 10 days now. It hasn't been as hard as I thought...but I did suffer from an extreme (20 hours in bed) migraine on Day 2 and a minor one on Day 6. Yuck. I used to treat migraines with Diet Coke but I'm hoping by eliminating soda from my diet, the headaches will not be as frequent. (Along with some other health benefits like not craving carbs or more sweets!) 

So there ya have it. Wellness Wednesday will be bit more personal than I normally like to share on the world wide web but maybe we should be talking about our health more often? 

As the Germans say...

"Happy Bergfest Day",


  1. Maren,
    I think that's a great start to building a healthier lifestyle. I know the caffeine withdrawal headaches!! But, I can't imagine Not having Diet Pepsi for more than a day. I've stayed away from it for a short time but never for good. Hmmmm....actually, there is one antibiotic that I've had for Lyme (it's a big time antibiotic called Flagyl (Metronidazole) Run if your dr gives it to you. On this antibiotic you will not even take a sip of any soda. It will taste metallic and just bad.

    (Note: if I start writing backwards and not making sense, it's just the Lyme. I can't make sense of some things I've written the next morning!).

    In eating healthier, if you decide to pick your own berries, strawberries, cherries, etc. please watch out for ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, tall weedy grass and leaves. Ticks are deadly!

    So, how did you get away from your diet coke?? ....did you go cold turkey or give in .....did you find yourself switching to caffeinated coffee or chocolates? There's caffeine in so many things!

    Great blog, I'm curious to see if I can follow this caffeine free change. I just have to know what you drink now?? Besides orange juice, tea, and water, everything else seems to be loaded with sugar.


    1. Hi Susan! Good tips for remembering to stay safe when picking fruit out in nature. I know we love picking peaches and blackberries when we are in Texas.

      I went cold turkey with the Diet Coke. I usually drink the same things at the same time everyday. 6 a.m. juice, 7 a.m. coffee, 9 a.m. peppermint tea, water, water, 1 p.m. coffee, water, and then more water. I have to have ice in my water with a splash of lemon or lime juice. I'm trying to stay away from aspartame more than caffeine. I'm not sure I could give up my morning coffee! I really have only replaced the soda with water. I'm so glad you enjoy reading the blog! It means a lot to me!

    2. Maren
      Of course I enjoy reading it. I haven't figured out how to erase and then write because my phone won't go forward if I make a mistake??? Maybe this is a flash or Adobe issue that iPhone won't allow. Gtrrrrrrr!! Well,
      It's late here and I tend to mix up my words after my Lyme meds have been taken. Interesting, people "detox" their body and liver by having water with lemon in it every morning of the week.
      I haven't tried that yet but it's worth a try. It has to be a real lemon and even tiny grated pieces are ok (not too many and very tiny).
      Well, good luck! Peaches sound yummy!!!!!


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