Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Is That Fall in the Air?

Being from Texas, one thing I am not missing right now is the near triple digit heat!  Currently, in Munich the temperature is 66 degrees Fahrenheit or as I'm learning, that is 18 degrees Celsius.  Nonetheless, it is beautiful weather.  There is a slight breeze, our windows are wide open, and I'm actually wearing a cardigan in August! In fact it kind of feels like fall is in the air.

To go along with the fall spirit I decided to work on some Halloween decorations today.  I was working on a Christmas wreath but that is currently on hold until further notice.  Unfortunately, none of our holiday decorations made it into the shipping crate due to space... which just means more crafting for me! 

Since my craft items are packed in a crate on a barge floating somewhere on the Atlantic, I've had to hunt around Munich for creative essentials.  It is so hard to find a decent craft store in Germany.  Hobby Lobby and even Michaels put every place I have found to shame.  I recently asked a local where to buy fabric and they told me to go to IKEA! Oh...no...this isn't good.  SO...here are my Dollar Euro Store items I picked up.
Small canvas, 3 paint brushes, tape, and acyrilic paint.

I wasn't sure how these Euro Store paints were going to do, but they sure are pretty.

After seeing lots of Chevron patterns lately (Can you guess where?) I decided to give it a try.  Most DIY instructions tell you to use painters tape to create the Chevron pattern on your canvas.  I didn't even finish one row of taping before I decided I would rather trace and free hand the paint.  Here is my pattern I created from a Frosted Flakes box!

I drew my letters first because I didn't want to erase the Chevron pattern from the insides.

 Halfway done tracing the Chevron pattern.

 I chose to paint the pattern a gray color because I wanted the orange boo to stick out.
Do you see where I messed up above the middle "o"?
 Ombre boo in shades of orange.
I fixed my mistake in this step too!
 I outlined the letters to stand them out more. 

I think I will be able to create a festive display with this and last year's googley eye frame. That is if the frame made it into the shipping crate!

We may not have a place to live yet, but at least we will be ready for Halloween! On a side note- You better believe I also brought over a can of Libby Pumpkin after hearing there is no such thing in Germany! What do you think, should we make pumpkin pie or pumpkin bread?

Let the countdown begin, 39 days until fall!

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