Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Simple Life

This past weekend Husband and I decided to stay in our area (farms...) instead of taking the train into the city center of Munich.  Saturday was mostly cloudy with scattered showers so we kept most of our exploring indoors. In fact we did some retail exploring... which is the best kind of course! 

The shopping trip turned out to be eventful for two main reasons. First, we located a "Do It Yourselfer" store called OBI.  The store is similar to Home Depot (both are orange!) but mixed with a Sears and Michaels.  Now I know where all the graffiti artists pick up their spray paint.  Hallelujah! You know I will be heading back there as we start coming up with some apartment projects to tackle.

The second reason why the shopping trip to OBI became important is because we found these guys hanging out by the registers.  Say what?!?  Alright, I will admit I wish we had asked to speak to the manager because I want to know WHO WENT TO TEXAS?!?  Thank goodness for a little taste of home. 

 Keep in mind these bottles were 6,99Euros. That is about $9-$10. We treated ourselves!

Sunday the weather was cooler from all the rain and the sun did decide to shine on.  It turned out to be a nice day so Husband and I spent as much time outdoors as we could.  Husband spent the early afternoon mowing the backyard with an old fashion mower.  It worked quite well although I don't think he would recommend it for Texas sized yards!

While he was busy mowing I found a friend.  Spider webs are fascinating, and sometimes annoying depending if you see it or not.  I left this guy alone hoping he'll feast on some of these nasty house flies that are buzzing about.

 Here are some freshly picked raspberries off the bush out back.  We didn't even realize what the bush was until a few weeks ago when the berries started plumping.  Tonight I plan to put little spoonfuls of these berries into dough to make mini pie pockets.

After a few chores we headed to a local park made up of small lakes, lots of trees, and walking trails.  It reminded me a lot of Erwin Park.  Each lake had a different purpose.  The biggest lake had very clear water, a swimming slide in the middle of it, and is the backyard to a biergarten.  Across the road the other lake was holding wind surfing lessons for young teens.  Keep in mind it is late August, people are swimming all around me and I'm cold in my fleece!  The third lake was next to nearly full grown corn fields.  Looking down into the water we saw all sorts of fish. 

Walking along the trails looking at the three lakes was very peaceful and a great start to a new week. Could this be the simple life?

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  1. Our area is very lake-y, too! I like it, but I'm so not used to it. (I couldn't tell ya the last time I went to a lake in Texas.) And it's very buggy here. Not my thing. I'm used to big bugs (like crickets and june bugs) not little ones like gnats. Blargh.

    Looks like a perfect weekend!*


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