Saturday, August 25, 2012

Six Pack Gift Wrap

Some exciting news has reached us from the Homefront; one of Husband's best friends and one of my best friends both welcomed new babies into this world this past week.  We cannot wait to meet Baby Isabella and Baby Alex when we are back in the States. Congrats to both families!!!

In hearing this news, I am reminded of a craft project I have yet to share with you from July.  In the midst of all our moving arrangements last month I needed something crafty to do to get my mind off the stresses.  In my craft closet I found two St. Arnold's 6-pack bottle holders on the brink of being thrown out.  Instead of their almost fate in the trash, I decided to repurpose the two carriers.

First, I gathered my supplies:
-Six Pack Carrier
-Assortment of Scrapbook paper
-Spray glue
-Tissue paper
-Gift items
*It was really fun to shop for the gift items.  Baby Alex's nursery is Nautical so I decided to go along with that theme with items on and off his registry at Target.
*For the Big Sister kit I picked up those items from Michael's and Target sticking to a craft theme!

Then, I placed the different sections of the carrier down onto the scrapbook paper to trace the sizes.  I cut two coordinating pieces of paper for each section. One for the front, one for the back.

Next, I sprayed each section with spray glue and attached it to the matching side of the six pack carrier. I would not recommend the spray glue you see in the picture.  I did have issues with the paper coming up at the corners of the six pack.  I have had better luck in the past with Elmer's spray glue.

Finally, I played around deciding how best to "stuff" the six pack carrier.  I decided to put the bottles on one half of the carrier stuffed with socks and the bibs hanging over the edge.  On the other side I rolled up onsies, placed the body wash in the center section along with the wash clothes. 

Last, after I was satisfied where each gift item was placed, I cut small pieces of tissue paper to fill in the gaps of the six pack carrier.

After finishing the baby gift I decided to create a Big Sister kit to keep Alex's sister entertained while at the hospital waiting for his delivery.  I stuffed her six pack carrier with a tote bag, puff paint, stickers, stamps, pencils, funky colorful pens, notepads, etc. She was very excited to have something to open at the shower when all the attention was on her baby brother. 

This turned out to be a really fun gift to put together.  These carriers are perfect for any occasion. get to enjoy six yummy sodas!

Look who else likes to craft in our house!

Do you have a "go to" baby gift idea for showers?

Make Life Beautiful,

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