Sunday, August 5, 2012

His and Hers

Thursday evening Husband came home after his first week of traveling.  I was very excited to have him back after being alone all week in a mostly German environment.  I'm pretty sure we stood in the kitchen a good 30 minutes while I talked his ear off.  It got pretty lonely around here and a girl needs to socialize!  With this in mind and the realization that we need to make some friends, Husband and I decided to go out.

Our goal was to meet an English speaking group named the 20-Somethings at a place called Beach 38 Degrees.  It is a restaurant and bar located in an old warehouse with several sand volleyball courts.  This place sounded pretty interesting and we decided to kick off our weekend a little bit early.

After we stepped out of the underground train station Husband asked "You know where we are going right?"  Confidently, I reassured him "Yes, we go past the Burger King and through the Sixt car lot."  I specifically remembered seeing the Sixt last summer when we were here and rented our car. 

We walked down 2 city blocks before Husband asked aggravated "Are you SURE you know where we are going?"  Upon seeing the confused look on my face Husband whipped out his phone and pulled up Google Maps. Piping hot with steam coming out of his ears Husband said "We were supposed to get off at Ostbahnhof not the Hauptbahnhof train station!"  How was I supposed to know that two different train stations could BOTH have a Burger King and a Sixt car lot? 

5 train stops later, I was FINALLY enjoying sand between my toes and a pina colada in my hand.


What comes around goes around right?  Well the following night Husband and I again decided to go out to meet some new people.  This time we planned to attend an event at Laimers called Friday Night Beer Garden within the English speaking community.

As we stepped off the train at our stop I asked Husband "You're not following me are you?" And he replied "No, I know where we are going" to which I replied "Good because I'm following you."

And following did I.  Down this block, down that block, over to this block, turn on that block.  After twenty minutes of walking in my whiney irritable voice I commented "Didn't the group say it was a quick walk from the train station?"  Husband responded "This is a quick walk." Uh huh.

Seeing a group of guys sitting out on a balcony we asked them in our best German "Wo ist Laimers Biergarten?"  Unfortunately, they did not know where Laimers Beer Garden was. 

Finally, Husband pulled out his cell phone and we once again let Google Maps rescue us from what had become the never ending "It's just at the end of this block. I can tell."


The good news is we are still married even if "For being lost or for being found" was not in our wedding vows.

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  1. what a great story about your relationship. Both able to lead, both willing to follow, and both supportive (whiney and steaming) when things go wrong.


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