Thursday, August 23, 2012

Happy Monthiversary!!!

Today marks a special occasion, Husband and I have officially survived our first month in Germany! And BOY has it been a complete roller coaster ride! At every turn we are learning new ways of living and how to get along in a new environment. I have a feeling this is going to be consistent during our time in another country. This is one of the reasons we decided to come to Germany, to get uncomfortable and experience the "unknown".

Here are pictures taken one month ago today:

 My new husband sitting on the floor reading during our 4 hour layover in NYC!
 I think I asked Husband 20 times "Do you have your passport?" Good grief.
 Air Berlin waiting to take us over the Atlantic.  We weren't impressed with this airline.  The food was not the best we have had on an airline and the movies were only on large cabin screens.
 I lost count of how many hours we spent traveling but I'm pretty sure we were awake for nearly 24 hours before we got any "real" sleep.  Accidentally, after we arrived in Munich Husband and I left the secured baggage claim area without our 6 suitcases.  He had to go back through security to claim our 6 suitcases.  Does that explain to you how exhausted we were?

Cool Things That Have Happened This Past Month:
-We have met people from all over the world
-We are vikings exploring this massive city
-We can say "Mein deutsch ist nicht gut"
-We cook at home 6 nights a week
-We found the English bookstore
-We spend time walking in the various parks
-We have a tow truck guy named Alfred
-We asked Aaron Watson to come do a show
-We got our first care package of allergy medicine

Stay tuned there is much much more to come!  Miss you all!



  1. I'm most impressed by Alfred. Not everybody has a tow truck guy. Is Shelby there yet?
    Love you cousin.
    Laurie & gang

  2. What else can we send you? I happen to know you can freeze mexican food and fed ex to Germany....need an address.... :-)
    Miss you guys, Auntie Linda


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