Sunday, August 12, 2012

Home SWEET Home

After 3 weeks in Germany Husband and I are still in that phase of kind of feeling like we are on vacation... We are ready to be settled in our own place with our belongings.  Not to mention we miss our dog Shelby and cannot wait to be reunited!

Feeling a little homesick I decided it was time for some comfort food.  Craving a chocolatey peanut butter concoction I of course turned to Pinterest for some ideas.  There I found the perfect recipe for No Bake Cookies, a childhood favorite!

Before I could go pick up some key ingredients at the market I had to prepare my shopping list and do some Google Translating (my new bestfriend).  Shopping in German can be tough for an English speaking gal!

Here's what I got:
Frishe Butter= Fresh Butter
Zucker= Sugar
Milch= Milk
Kakoa= Cocoa
Peanut Butter= Peanut Butter :-)
Haferflocken= Oatmeal
Vanille= Vanilla

With the found recipe and key ingredients I was ready to no bake.  Except I had a problem.  I looked high and low in the Küche and could not find the loyal standard measuring cup or cute little teaspoons that I am so used to perfectly leveling.  All I came across was a cylinder measured in metrics, a soup spoon, and a jelly spoon.  Metrics wins again...but with these tools I just had to make do.
Here is the new list of ingredients that I came up with:
1/2 block of butter
472 mL of sugar
118 mL of milk
4 heaping soup spoons of cocoa
a huge glob of peanut butter
800 mL of oatmeal
2 packets of vanilla
In the madness of the conversions, improper measuring tools, and risking an internet recipe, I'm proud to say peanut butter and chocolate did not fail me.  These no bake babies might have been a product of pure guesstimation, but they turned out to hit just the right spot in all their comfort food goodness.
Now if I could just forget where I keep hiding the cookies!


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