Thursday, July 24, 2014

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday World! Today I am linking up with Andrea at Momfessionals for a second edition of Friday Favorites. Can I just go ahead and list "Friday Favorites" as one of my favorites?!


Last week a ton of people were discussing the gigantic Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and it gave me shopping envy. I'm talking green-eyed monster, horns coming out of my head, shopping envy. The good news...even in Munich there are sales everywhere right now! I spent 3 nights this week, each time, in the SAME department store, Karstadt. Husband actually asked if I was breaking the bank and I just laughed. 
3/4 Sleeve Shirt on Sale 5€, 30% off Sale Price= 3.50
You better believe I bought the same shirt in 4 colors;

olive green, cobalt blue, aqua blue, and white.

The loop scarf was on Sale 8€, 30% off Sale Price= 5.60

2. Worth the Wait...Shoes?
About a month ago I fell in love with a pair of colorful, Haurache meets Toms, inspired sandals. I'm talking stopped inside the store every day for a week to see if they were on sale. I even showed my friend Kate and she said "Those are so you." I had to have them but wasn't willing to pay 60€.
I love this cheerful design!

Then something amazing happened Wednesday night. I passed by the store and had a sudden hunch that I should stop inside. I hadn't been back to the store for nearly two weeks and I didn't know if the sandals would even still be there, but my inner shopping voice was speaking, so I listened. Low and behold, the sandals were there...on clearance...50% off...only one pair left...and in MY SIZE!
At 30€, it was definitely shoe fate!

3. Grammar Police
Husband and I satisfied a fish and chips craving this week with dinner at the Irish pub, Molly Malone's. If you visit Munich and need a break from schnitzel, check it out! Anyways, inside the restaurant there is this "flair" on display. 

To me the triple "s" looked odd. After years of AP English, a stint on the newspaper staff, and creative writing courses in college, I still feel unsure of certain grammar rules. Can I get an amen? Naturally, I took to Google to see the exact rules of possessive nouns. It did not help. The rules only left me even more unsure stating it is a preference if One uses apostrophe "s" or simple adds an apostrophe to the second "s". Any English teachers out there? Ms. Oglesbee?

4. Mexi Mac & Cheese
Tonight was the first time we tried out a recipe from the blog Mix and Match Mama. Her Mexi Mac & Cheese from last Friday sounded like the perfect way to mix a little Tex Mex into our menu planning. The recipe was simple enough for a week night meal and it was packed full of just the right flavors. Yum! 

Yes, that is Irish Cheddar melted into pure goodness over noodles. Did you catch my "Living Internationally: Grocery Shopping" post from Tuesday? I explained the difficulties in finding cheddar cheese in Germany.

I'm starting a "Living Internationally" blog series. I need your help in knowing what things you are curious about when it comes to living abroad. What do you want to know? 

Everyone have a fantastic weekend and thanks so much for stopping over!

Make Life Beautiful,


  1. Happy Friday from the linkup! The mexi Mac and cheese looks delish! I saw this on Mix and Match this week also and look forward to making it.

  2. YAY for great sales! That top looks adorable on your. And I love that "Friday Favorites" is one of your Friday favorites :)
    Thanks so much for linking up!
    :) Andrea

  3. Oh happy Friday from the linkup! How lucky are you to find Tom's at HALF PRICE! I would've just died!

  4. Hallo Maren! Thanks for visiting my blog! Those shoes look so cute! By the way, I saw on your profile that you and your husband live in Germany?! I actually lived in Wurzburg for a couple years when I was a kid... it's definitely easy to see why you'd fall in love with the country! ~Nanxi


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