Monday, July 7, 2014

Made It Monday: Care Packages

I've mentioned before that I love getting mail. Just last week a Thank You note arrived and I must have read that thing at least three times. There is just something happy about an actual letter waiting among the bills and junk mail. 

As much as I enjoy receiving letters, I also like sending mail to friends and family. Recently I put together a summer care package as a fun way to say "Hello" to a good friend back home. 

The idea came from boxes of "sunshine" that I have seen floating around on Pinterest. The sender fills a box full of yellow items and sends "sunshine" to a friend. I used this as my inspiration for my "I hope your summer days are BRIGHT!" care package. 

Lately I have been obsessed with neon colors for summer. When this project came to mind I was more than thrilled to hunt for items in hot pink, blazing orange, electric blue, lime green, and citrus yellow

To keep the high international shipping costs in check, I did most of my shopping in the Euro store. It was like a scavenger hunt searching for BRIGHT items! You know my thing I have for themes! (See Theme 1 and Theme 2)The items also had to be light weight which added another dimension to my search requirements. 

Here is what went inside:
-2 pool splash disks
-Light up bouncy ball (for the cats of course!)
-Fly swatter (It is patio season...)
-Electric blue glitter nail polish
-Citrus Jelly Bellies
-Chip clips (They are frosted neon, I mean come on!)
-Squishy neon pen
-Frog loofah (why not?)
-Ice Cream spoons
-Groovy tissues
-Lime green fan (Texas is HOT!)

I picked up these citrus cards at Michael's in the dollar bin years ago!

Basically the box was filled with a random assortment of items that can be used in summer. The items are not really what was the most important but rather the message "I hope your summer days are BRIGHT!" Good friends are hard to come by and it is nice to let ones far away know you are thinking of them. Hopefully my friend's summer was BRIGHTENED by this care package!

Have your summer days been bright? When was the last time you sent someone a little "hello."? 

Make Life Beautiful, 


  1. Great idea Maren. The fly swatter made me LOL! ;-)

  2. Thank you! I wasn't sure about the fly swatter...haha but then I needed something that color blue!


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