Wednesday, July 2, 2014

What I Wore Wednesday: Shorts

Last week there was an article floating around on the Internet. The article challenged moms this summer to throw on a bathing suit and join their kids in the water. Not a sit on the side and dip your toes in the water challenge but a get involved in the splashin' action challenge.

The author's main point was putting on a swimsuit despite any imperfections will have a positive outcome in helping form healthy body images within your child. In addition, what could be better than playing in the water with your kids?

Husband and I do not have kids but I am a woman. I know unfortunately, that it is common for females to have some sort of negative thoughts towards their own bodies, mom or not. I, myself, think my tummy could be tighter and my legs could blind if the sun hit me just right. 

After reading this article I did some self evaluation. 

As in most cases, my pale skin insecurities started way back in school. "You're SO white!" and "You should go tanning" are just some of the comments I heard growing up. Why have I let these comments dictate how I feel about my body? Not to mention why I wear jeans in the heat of summer....

It would be much better if I actually listened to Husband when he tells me I look beautiful. He prefers it when I show my legs but whenever he compliments me I shrug it off. Then one day Husband actually told me it hurts his feelings when I don't take his compliments as sincere. Four years later, I realized Husband wasn't just saying these things, he actually believes them. 

Finally, at the age of 30, I have had enough and I'm letting go. I'm not going to let the past control how I live my life a second longer. God made me the way I am and that means it is perfect. I am happy to be who I am meant to be. 

So for the first time since middle school I bought and then WORE a pair of shorts. And guys... I rocked the heck out of those shorts. 

Saturday Night

After reading this blog entry, Husband commented "Yeah, you did!"

Make Life Beautiful,


  1. I've always wondered why you didnt wear shorts but thought it was not my business to ask. You have great legs! And you've figured out that Andrew doesn't say things he doesn't mean (for good or for bad). If he says he thinks you're beautiful, he means it with his whole heart. Wonderful post!



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