Thursday, July 3, 2014

The American Dream?

This blog post is not about Berlin. That will come later. What I wanted to share today was some exciting news....
Visiting the Berlin Wall

There is a Domino's Pizza in Berlin, Germany!!!!!!! 

And I went there!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you confused about my excitement? Let me explain. I have not stepped foot on U.S. soil in over 6 months and Munich, Germany is out of Domino's delivery zone. Which means...Husband and I order "knock off" pizza from local wannabes. It does the job of not cooking, but it is not the same as back home. 

Can this be real? A Domino's Pizza in Germany? Look at those flags supporting for the World Cup.

When being surrounded by sausages, pretzels, and apple strudel gets a bit begins to seem like a teenage dream. (The same also applies for Tex-Mex food) There is a wound in my gut that when exposed, my taste buds are reminded of what I miss from Home. (Besides my momma)

"Der Amerikanische Traum"?  I'm not sure if Domino's Pizza really is "The American Dream" but when it is not possible, suddenly you want what you can't have. This is true for American styled pizza while living in Germany. 

Husband rollllllllled his eyes when I begged to eat lunch inside Dominos. Biting into his first slice of pizza he then said "Oh yeah." Uh huh.... see I knew it was a good idea!

Don't get me wrong, our local pizza joint here in Munich is not bad but it is not the same. It's like when your husband loves something his mom makes, you as a wife can try to make it... but the dish will never be as good!

Read the Top of the Sign

Now whenever we want Domino's Pizza we just have to make a quick 6 hour drive north to Berlin. It's the small things people. It really is!

Eating the American Dream,

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  1. I heart Berlin! We went to Subway while we were there. It was interesting figuring out how to say what I wanted on my sub. Lots of pointing was involved.

    This post just highlights for me what a big different it is to be an ex-pat versus living in a military community. When we were in Germany, we spent a lot of time on post, which was home to Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and a few other lesser American fast food restaurants (Popeye's - blech!). I still managed to feel homesickness and culture shock, and we didn't even live there that long. Glad you got your Domino's!


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