Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What I Wore Wednesday: The Munich Airport

Uh, I don't think we are in Texas anymore.... Europe, is that you?

Living in Munich I am often reminded of either how "American" I am or just the fact that I live a colorful lifestyle. 

Recently, I suddenly felt insecure stepping into the Franz Josef Munich Airport. Wearing gray Converse, faded straight light blue jeans, a green striped shirt, a blue cardigan, and a dark blue jean jacket topped off with a geometric bright scarf I started second guessing my clothing choices. Looking around me all I saw were dark colors and neutral blends. 
My Flight Attire (Running on 4 hours of sleep)

Then my mind started to wonder "Should a 30 year old to carry a Jansport backpack with a strand of dangling solar bears?" The solar beads are from an elementary science class I took my junior year of college. This just shows you how long I've been using this backpack. 

Junior Year of College

To me, there are only so many clothing options when you are living car-less in a suburb. I walk everywhere. This time my walking commute consisted of a carrying a weekend bag. When I considered my lengthy walk while hauling a stuffed bag (trust me I tried to pack light), I definitely chose comfort over style. 
Color is Art! (Section of Berlin Wall)

When it comes to clothes, even if I were traveling for business, I think I would still sport some cheerful colors. I could totally pull off a coral tailored suit. Life is too short to take too seriously. Wouldn't days be more fun if full color?

Now don't get me wrong, I love a dark tailored suit on a sharp dressed man but where does uniqueness show? In the tie? Among a crowded airport one could get lose in the sea of black, navy and grey. Not to mention it's summertime? Perhaps the point is to blend in with the crowd. 

Well if standing out is my point, or maybe it's comfort, then I was successful. Next time I start feeling unsure of my colorful outfits I am going to go stand by the American bound gates. Or maybe... I will continue spreading sunshine among the cloudy skies.

Color is fun!

How are you embracing the colors of the season? Do you still dress up when flying?

Colors are Beautiful,

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