Monday, July 14, 2014

Pinterest Nailed It: NOT!

Last week my sister-in-law pinned this quote onto one of her Pinterest boards. I liked the positive message and it got me thinking, "How can I add a little bit more sparkle to my everyday life?"

The answer I came up with? Glitter nail tips! I often see photos like this floating around on Pinterest: 

See how pretty? A basic base coat and then glitter polish on the tips. How hard can it be?

So I decided to give glitter nail tips a try! I paired my coral OPI wedding nail polish with a new sparkly favorite, "A Cut Above" by Essie. 

I mean you can just see how funky fun this polish actually is with it's different sized glitters. Here is my inspiration photo:

 After carefully using circle stickers to make the perfect arch on my dried coral nails, I added onto the tips, the glitter nail polish. The results? Well.......................... just see for yourself:

Again, here was an inspiration photo: pretty and the perfect way to add some sparkle into my life! 

And once more, my results:

It looks like a half tot played beauty parlor on my finger tips. Not to mention I'm not using my cuticle oil nearly enough. Just gross. 

Do It Yourself glitter nail tips don't seem to be working out too well for me. I'm just going to have to find another way to add some sparkle into my life. 

How do you add sparkle into your life?

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Flunked Glitter Nail Tips,


  1. Have you noticed that Germans are big fans of nail art? It was pretty popular among the Germans I saw working on post/around town. I always wondered if it was a regional thing or if the entire country was in on it. I have zero skillz in this department. I keep my nails short and swap out the color regularly.

  2. My coworker just painted her nails red, black, and yellow for the World Cup! I think colorful nails are getting more and more popular here in Germany!


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